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Tangible approach to product development

Evolving with experience
Our process and methodologies have been developed and fine-tuned through several years and hundreds of development projects ranging from medical technology to industrial tools, consumer products and software development.

Collaboration is essential
With our key competences industrial designers, engineers and production co-workers actually working side by side, we communicate and collaborate from the start to the end of the process. This means more efficient projects and requires a solid process which involves the whole team.


We keep our process transparent and easy to follow and take part in for our clients. The overall structure for all our work are the steps Plan > Do > Check > Report. These steps are applied throughout the process, on every phase or part presentation to the final delivery of a project.


Before the start of each project, we gather all the facts needed to find out what part of our service range our clients need and plan the work from there. During the project we also do continuous follow ups to ensure that everyone involved are ok with the plan and that things are on schedule.


When the all steps are defined and all co-workers know where we are aiming and what to do next, it is time to get to work.


Before finalizing a task we make sure that the work conducted so far corresponds to the initial request. It might be comparing a design concept with the requirement specification or checking wether an ideation sketch matches or exceeds the expectations of the client from an initial brief.




At this stage we present the work we have done and discuss it with our client. What comes out in the report phase spans from a functional prototype of a drilling machine to a presentation of future concepts for screen technology. Important is that we always sum up our projects and assure that the process is documented.



Our innovation process

The illustration above describes all possible steps a project goes through with our innovation process. The process assures that we get all information needed from the start, make an effort to explore all possible solutions along the way, make the right choices towards an optimized solution and don´t miss any important factors heading towards the finalized product.

Depending on the project, we go through one or more of these development phases. Some projects only span over a single segment of the process while others cover all the steps.