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Our vision

Your success is our reward

We create products that are adapted to each client and the needs of their customers. Understanding these premises gives us the tools to create human centered products with market value and business advantages.

With this market oriented strategy we help our clients strengthen their brand and build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Our focus is directed towards the needs of clients and end users throughout the whole development process, from visions and concepts to market-ready products.

This approach ties all our competences together and forms our strength as a team. Everyone is working towards the same goal - to create products that succeed in the market.

The Seal in detail

All co-workers that are active in a Scalae project are certified according to our process. The cerification ensures that everyone involved have the tools and understanding to follow the process and work towards a common goal with a market oriented focus.

IPD Service Brand name

Scalae is Latin for ladder, which we translate to reach high goals. This permeates our process and culture and is evident in everything we do.



Core values

Methodology, Market Focus, Collaboration and Quality (ISO 13485) are all important components for successful product development.




Plan > Do > Check > Report is a structure that we apply on all stages of projects, since the start in 2003.



Culture / Credo

Cor et Cerebrum means Heart and Mind in latin and symbolizes our professional yet personal approach.